Facts to Note about ADP Mobile App

There are so many employees who would love to have a mobile solution that performs human resource transactions appropriately. Managers and employers are as well juggling for technologies that will enable them manage human capital appropriately. Following this need, there are multiple mobile solutions and software designed for HR transactions. ADP mobile app was developed as a way of helping manage the human capital and enabling employees access their calendars and even salary information. This article presents some fundamental things to note about the ADP mobile app.

HR managers should always be keen and considerate so as to effectively and efficiently enhance employees’ productivity. It is where employees are productive and effective in their workstations that a company records growth and development. Majority of the people in the world are using mobile phones or rather smartphones and there is need to embrace a service that is mobile enables like ADP mobile app.

The application has been in the market for 7 years since it was launched in 2011 and has managed to become the number one free business app in the Apple App Store. This has made it possible for companies and managers to usher the app to their employees. As a result, employees will be able to facilitate all their HR transactions on their phones.

Automatic Data Processing, Inc. has set aside an UX and design team which is always working round the clock to improve the features on the app and make it better. Every month, there are new updates availed. The app will always be ranked and rated high following its enhanced usability.

ADP mobile app has registered over 10 million users. These users have been performing 1000 human resource transaction per every second. In fact, every month there is an increased registration of over 300,000. These 10 million users are scattered all over the globe; 175 countries to be precise.

Employees have been using ADP mobile app to manage their time and clock in and out of their workstation effectively and efficiently. This has helped dispense the long queues on the dedicated kiosks where employees would clock in and out. Salary information is always availed through the app at any given time.

Managers are also benefiting from using the application. Through this mobile app, managers are able to access timecards and approve them. There are other instances where an employee might be off duty and the manager will always monitor the schedule.

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