The Benefits of Reflexology Foot Massage to Individuals

People round the world like to get massages once in a while. A beneficial massage that people should have is the reflexology foot massage. The massage has a number of benefits. Some doctors refer this type of massage to their patients suffering from specific illness. Most massages are beneficial and healing to our body’s functions. It is the massage of the feet that relieves tension and helps treat infection. By applying pressure to specific areas of the hands, ears and feet, certain reflex are affected. Health benefits can be derived from reflexology foot massage.

Pains and aches like upper and lower back pains,, headaches and migraines can be relieved by reflexology. Relief of pains and aches is achieved by relieving the tension muscles. Blood and oxygen in our bodies, circulate better by having a reflexology foot massage. Blood and oxygen are therefore transported more effectively in our bodies. The body functions as it ought to due to the proper circulation of blood and oxygen. Body system functioning as it ought to increase the body metabolism and helps in regrowth of damaged cells and their healing. Pregnancy is made easier by reflexology. It helps in labor lengths and the analgesics need during labor. The massage helps in reducing postpartum depression in women and assist their bodies heal faster and have the ability to get to a normal metabolism rate.

Nerve function is improved through reflexology foot massage. Reflexology assist in opening the neural pathways and cleaning of the neural. This function helps the body to send information from the nervous system to the brain in a more efficient way. The function and reactivity of the nerve endings are improved by the foot massage, which is realized by the reflexology improving nerve function. Foot health is achieved by the use of reflexology foot massage. Muscle stimulation, minimization of ankle and heel pain are positive effect of reflexology foot massage. It is known to prevent your feet from having common problems like toenail fungus. Reflexology can result to relaxation and sleeping better. Reflexology opens up the neural pathways which assist the body in relaxing and therefore trigger calmness of body and mind. Before sleeping a reflexology cans induce sleep in individuals.

Reflexology foot massage is known to reduce the side effects of treatments of cancer like chemotherapy, this is by reducing anxiety. Cancer patients that get reflexology foot massage sleep better and reduce vomiting. High blood pressure and hypertension is reduced by reflexology foot massage. This is achieved by the foot massage at the reflex point. To improve bladder function and reduction of possibilities of urinary tract infection, a reflexology foot massage is done. Bladder functions are improved and the body eliminates toxins effectively after a reflexology foot massage. happiness is acquired by individuals who have reflexology massage, because it stimulates the production of the hormone to make you happy and that is the serotonin hormone. Individuals are able to conquer their anxiety and depression, by the production of the serotonin hormone, which is stimulated during the massage.

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